A Little Information About Eagle Monitoring

Eagle Monitoring is develop and maintained by Darryl Fernandez, a web application developer based on Philippines. The application provides convenient way of monitoring your website & ports up-time and notifies you when its unreachable (there a more features though). His attempt to make sure all website, services under his supervision is up and running smoothly lead him to develop this web app. He believed that website up-time is a critical part and plays an important rule to your business’s success so he built Eagle Monitoring.

The goal is to help businesses and any other individual website owners to monitor their websites, ports and any other web services for any downtime that may occur that affects the business and their customers.

How Does Eagle Monitoring Works?

Eagle monitoring works by checking your website or port in a set of frequency depending on how often you want your site to be checked for uptime.

The application checks your site/port and evaluate the response and notifies you depends on the notification settings you have configure on your dashboard.

Is This Free?

All accounts have FREE-TIER Usage every month and an on-demand pricing for users who excess the monthly free usage. We want to ensure quality service to all our users. The prices are almost free, we only charge for what has been used. For more information, please check our Pricing here.