Do I need to install a software?

No, you don’t need to install a software. Our application is web based, you can login anytime and anywhere and monitor your website.

Is my Data safe?

Absolutely. We don’t store any data. We only check you website externally using the URL or IP and port you have provided.

How Does Notifications Work?

Alerts and notifications can be setup on each of your monitors. You can set different alerts and notification settings individually. You can chose to be notified when the website is down, or has recovered or has been disabled via email or SMS or both depends on your settings.

Do you have free plan?

Yes! We have FREE-TIER and it’s even more than enough. So basically, it’s FREE! Not if you are monitoring hundreds of websites right? But even if you monthly FREE-TIER is fully consumed, our pricing is still almost free. You will also have 7 days of free trial. You are not tied to fix monthly pricing. Instead, you are only billed by what you use. If you have 10 Monitors and all are setup with frequency check of every 5 minutes and you didn’t have any downtime, that would mean you have no bill for emails and SMS notifications! For more info of, please visit the pricing page.

What Payments Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal and Credit Card payments. Our billing system is using credits, so you only have to purchase a credits 1 time. No need to enter your credit card data to our server and website, you will pay via PayPal.

What Location Do You Monitor?

We monitor all locations. Our distributed servers helps verify the uptime of your website/port.

Do You Limit Monitors?

No. You can have unliited monitors, means you can monitor websites/ports or web services as much as you want because you are billed by what you use. Pay only for what you use. If you only have 2 monitors, then it’s almost free.