Monitor Details

  • Label – Label is the montior friendly name. (Example: My Profile Website, My Website MYSQL Server, etc).
  • Monitor Type – This is the type of monitor. This can be web or port. If you are monitoring a website, choose “web”, if you are monitoring a port, choose “port”.
  • Domain / IP Address – The domain or IP Address of what you are monitoring. If its a website, it will be something like “http(s)://” or if you are monitoring a port, it will be an IP address like “” etc.

Other Settings

  • Check Frequency – This is settings on how often your monitor will be check on its health/uptime. If you set 5 minutes, then it will check the website or port every 5 minutes.
  • Succesive Failure Before Alerting – This is the settings on how many successive failure checks first before we declare it as down and notify you. If you set this to “1”, then it will immediately notify you once we detect it is down. If you set this to “2”, then we will wait for 2x successive failure checks before it declares down and then notifies you.
  • Enable Monitoring – Whether we will monitor this or not. This can be helpful when you don’t want it to be monitored temporarily like if the website is going to have a maintenance, etc.
  • Enable Public Status Page – If enabled, your monitor will have a publicly accessible status page that you can share to your friends, visitors, etc to let them know the status of your website or web service or port. You will see the url of your status page by viewing your monitor details page.