The world has greatly evolve into more internet based workflow. Based on research, about 70% of the people now are relying on the internet to find anything. That is very important when you are running a business on the internet. If you are an e-commerce owner, or has a website portfolio, you don’t want your website to be offline even just in a minute as that might affect potential customers or people in general that will be soon a valuable asset to your company.

With competition on the market heavily growing, you don’t want you website to be inaccessible in any way. Wise business owners on the internet uses a tool to monitor their website health. Reports says this greatly increase confidence that your website will always be available to your customers anytime & anywhere.

The Hosting Providers

While hosting providers promises zero downtime on your website, this is not always applicable in any situations. Downtime can occur anytime! While it recovers in a minute, think of 2 minutes downtime and  a potential customer wasn’t able to reach your website or e-commerce on that moment, you lost a prospect profit! This can occur mostly if your business resides on a shared hosting plan where you have noisy neighbors on the server. While your business is running fine and no heavy workloads that slows the server, you have no idea on the other website whom are sharing resources with yours! When the host machine reaches its maximum capacity, your website will be affected and affects its availability in a seconds or worst in a minutes!

To make sure as a business owner you will not be a victim on this paradigm that occurs under the hood, people uses a website monitoring tool to boost their confidence on the availability on their website.

The Cost Of Monitoring a Website

While business owners loved to monitor their website availability and downtime, one barrier that stops them doing it is the cost on monitoring their website. Most of the available services are $$$ that you will just option out to just “Come what May” behavior. That is not a reason nowadays because some good website monitoring companies offer a free account to let you start on monitoring your website(s). Like Eagle Monitoring, we provide free tier usage for free accounts. This will let any e-commerce owner / internet business people to easily get started monitoring their website at NO COST! If you are an interprise website developer that manages multiple websites, this is best for you. Because of the ON-DEMAND pricing scheme, you will only pay for what you used or even NOT PAY AT ALL if you are using resources within the monthly FREE TIER!


Whether you own a small e-commerce website, portfolios, organization, it is best to montior your websites up-time and reliability on its availability. Especially there are already good companies who offer FREE Website monitoring services like Eagle Monitoring. With only 15 seconds to get started with, there is no barrier or reasons you will not monitor your websites up time and availability to your end users or visitors.

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